Affixed With Nature

The lightly falling of the rain on my window is soothing to my mind. The gentleness of the fall of the rain on the sidewalk, is everything except annoying.

The sun comes out stopping the rain. The sun is comforting, with its rays of light touching my skin.

The clouds insight, neutralizes the beating of my heart. They calm my mind.

The smell of green grass is heart warming. The smell of green grass is amazing.

The trees with there leaves and bark. The trees are delightful with every touch.

I am…
Affixed with nature.

One day I had a vision. My vision was of a red sky and a dark ground.

My vision had an alpha wolf with no pack. Howling at a glowing red moon.

The super blood wolf moon. Do not know what that means.

Someone please tell me. I’m going to see a Native American Shaman.

I will find out one way or another. I know I am spiritually affixed with nature.

This is my sista. (Updated Version)

I never said no, that is because I lived in a say yes family. However, my sista is different. She is nothing like me.

My sista holds me together. She is the one I can talk to you. She is the one I have cried to. When we were kids…

We have had our ups, we have had our downs. Yeah we had our times. Our love keeps us together.
This is my sista. This is my sista.

Now she is not so mean to me, her only brother. She has always cared for me. She is two years older than me.

She may be a little crazy. She may be sarcastic. She may be sometimes over dramatic. She will never be problematic.

She may be my older sista, but she is also my best friend. I will die for her, yeah. This is my sista. This is my sista.

She once told me, “there is no need to be depressed. I will always be there, when ever you need me. You are my little brother and I will always love ya. You are special to me, yeah.

Then I replied, “Sis, it is the same for me too, you know I got ya. You are my sista, I will always love ya too, yeah. I will even kill for ya, yeah.”

I have learned a lot from her, my sista. She taught everything I know. She taught me well. This is my sista. This is my sista.

Yeah, this is my sista. She is my ride- die partner. No one else just yet. So far it is just me and my sista.
This is my sista. This is my sista.

Life After Death

The life we live will soon come to an end. What comes after is a mystery. Where we will go is a place called purgatory.

There is a life after our death. Where will we end up next, heaven or hell? No one knows, but the great one above the sky.

Life after Death.

CBD and Weed

The crowded room suddenly feels less crowded. My mind is free, my spirit has awakened. The fresh start is coming.

I am moving soon, the door has opened. Opened to a new beginning. The new beginning for everything.

Bout to be set free. My minds eye is opening. My soul is awakening.

Meditation is healing and helping me. Meditation is my medicine. My medicine is CBD and Weed.

CBD and Weed, they are helpIng me meditate. They are helpIng me be me. They set me free.

They increase my creativity. They release me of my anxieties. They set my mind free.

Makes me feel more natural. Makes me better than ever. Take them twice a day.

Two blunts a day, keeps the demons away. Two blunts a day, is good for me. Two blunts a day, heck I smoke more than that any way.

The reason why I smoke. The reason for everything. The reason why I am not selfish.

The reason is Meditation. My therapy is writing, relaxation and meditation. All possible with CBD and Weed.

CBD and Weed.


The hope and desire of selflessness. The attribute to make it.

Selflessness is not being selfish. Selflessness is being courteous.
Selflessness is righteousness.

The hope and desire of selflessness. The attribute to make it.

Selflessness is not to be taken for granted. Selflessness is to be given. Selflessness is the gift of integrity.

The hope and desire of selflessness. The attribute to make it.

February 2, 2020

The truth is what I speak, but no one believes. This truth is my truth. From what I have seen to what I have done.

You do not know me. No one does, nobody needs to. I will be social, but just know that the past is behind me. I do not care about it anymore. So why the fuck we need to talk about it, what is the point?

Want to know more about me. Please just read my poetry. Deep and dark some may be, others will be like this. Some may be mysterious.

February 1, 2020

The life he was born into, has been discarded and forgotten. The pain still lingers in the memories that cannot be erased. Shaped him, who he is today.

The long dark times ravaged his face. Scars on his jawline dripping with tears of joy. His new life begins.

The life of the wild. The life of the free. He will live in the city for a few years of time. Then he will move to the wilderness, living his new life to the fullest.